The Author

       April Bradshaw is an author of Christian fiction. She has enjoyed creating stories from the time she was a child and wove tales for her little sister after lights-out in the bedroom they shared.
In her early 20's, Ms. Bradshaw schooled the children of missionaries in an Aboriginal community located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Later, she home schooled her own children from the beginning of their education to their completion of high school. She holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition, which was best put to use in lecturing her children to eat their vegetables.
Ms. Bradshaw writes about what she knows— relationships, family, music, country life... Each book intertwines biblical Christian values with its characters, themes, and outcomes. 
The author is a native Oregonian who lives with her husband in Virginia. They have four children and a standard poodle named Daisy who thinks she’s the fifth.
      Her debut novel, Guarded, was released online with Smashwords in the summer of 2013. It portrays the adventures, struggles, and newly-found faith of a young woman forced to live under the protection of a bodyguard.
     April's upcoming novel, Cadenza, tells the story of two families brought together through brokenness, faith, and - unexpectedly - the mail service. The book will be released through Smashwords in the fall of 2013.


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