Jenny isn’t safe and snug anymore.  Her politician father has enemies and now she might be a target.  Assigned a bodyguard who is stern and intimidating, will friendship spring from so unlikely a place?  God is his stronghold; will God become hers?
     Jenny longs for security, love… and answers.  Why did God—if he exists—let her mother die? Why does the little boy in her daycare have to suffer for his parents' mistakes?  Is it possible the Bible has the answers?
     Rustic adventure in the Australian outback …baffling animosity from one she thought was her friend…  mounting fear for the safety of those she loves…a growing affection for one who perhaps isn’t as unfeeling as he first seemed… Jenny begins to take comfort not only in her earthly protector, but in her heavenly one.
     As a current of danger sweeps her and her bodyguard deeper into the unknown, she journies from fear and uncertainty to security and love in the arms of the Shepherd.

     Guarded was published in 2013 on Smashwords, and is available as an e-book for purchase online at


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